Super Swish Apartment

    Super Swish Apartment Warsaw, Poland   Arriving at this apartment, we find 45 square metre interior. Soft, light grey tones blends beautifully with chevron pattern wooden flooring and fresh white decor. Living space in this apartment is welcoming and generous with all home comforts needed. The living room is split between lounge and living room. To get this "wow" effe[...]


      A MODERN APARTMENT  117m2 Warsaw, Poland   Arriving at this home, we find 117 metre square interior. Once you enter the apartment you walk straight to the living room that is split between lounge and a kitchen with a kitchen island. Kitchen island plays a double role, its a storage and a sitting area. At the end there four seating places and gives it a sm[...]


      SMALL CITY APARTMENT Warsaw, Poland.  48m2   This a small city apartment located in a new development in Warsaw.  Young residents wanted to have a functional and comfortable space to relax and spend their free time. We made some amendments to the developers floor plans. We wanted to have a good flow inside the apartment. So we moved entrance to livi[...]