Why Interior Designer is not a decorator ?



It’s seriously annoying for every interior designer to hear „Oh, so you are interior decorator? “.

No, we are not. Please, do understand that by calling us „interior decorators “, you’re disrespectful.


Interior decorators are not interior designers. It’s our duty to educate, when people don’t know the difference. Interior design is a combination of three things: the technical knowledge (construction, regulations, etc.), the art and science of understanding people’s behaviour in order to create a functional space. Whereas, decoration is the furnishing or adoring of a space with fashionable or beautiful things.


Simply put, interior designer MAY decorate, but decorators DO NOT design.


You just uncovered one of our secrets.


Decorator is someone you will find in every IKEA or other interior shops. She/ He will advise you on tiles to your bathroom, colour of the curtains to your bedroom and even tell you how properly paint the walls – most probably will sell you an item or product of certain company he/she works for.

I am not saying that, to offend anyone. But to give proper respect to work of interior designer.

Interior design is more than browsing through furniture or accessories catalogues.


To get to this point, whole story is behind it. Loads of talks, consultations, hours spent on research, drawings, calculations, changes in floor plans, just to end up with couple of pages of interior project, that soon become a reality.


Interior design is a process that cannot be counted.

So when you decide to hire an interior designer be aware that project will not happen overnight. You paying us, interior designers not only for an interior project or time, but also for our knowledge and expertise, to take away “works” headache.